Novak M gynaecological equipment for the best user experience

Innovative solutions and carefully designed essential features of Novak M gynaecology chairs and tables shorten the time to prepare for the gynaecological, urological, or proctological examination. With quick and easy adjustments, you will do your job professionally and without unnecessary effort, while providing patients with optimal comfort during examinations.

Gynaecology chair and table offer full support for examinations

All clinics and hospitals aim to shorten the waiting period for examinations, which should be performed efficiently and in an accurate manner. To make this possible, they need an experienced team of specialists, their professional approach, and the best possible medical equipment. Comfortable gynaecology chairs and gynaecological examination table by Novak M were designed to help you work easily without any disturbance.

Perform a gynaecological examination quickly and safely

Gynaecology chair and table can be effortlessly placed into a lower position for safe patient’s access. You can adjust the appropriate height for examination electrically with a foot switch on chairs and with a circular switch on tables, thus protecting your health. You can regulate other parts of the chair and table in order to facilitate the examination. Adjusting the chair and table is quick and simple, therefore you have more time for your patients.

The ultimate comfort for you and your patients

Gynaecology chairs are distinguished by a 6 cm thick seamless padding, that offers comfortable positioning during an examination. The gynaecological examination table also has water- and fire-resistant imitation leather. Its upholstery is fully sealed thanks to the taped and welded seams on the underside. You can choose among more than 30 different colors of high-quality upholstery that will help ensure high hygiene standards in medicine.

Choose a gynaecology chair or table tailored to your needs

There are three different Novak M products for gynaecology, urology, or proctology available to choose from. To get tailor-made medical equipment to support your work, you can use the online configurator.

Gynaecological examination table S is a three-section table with an electrically adjustable seat section which received the Red Dot Award 2020 for its superior design. The longer middle section of the table serves as a back rest, thus making your table a perfect gynaecology chair. Intuitive handling, smart essential features, and a wide range of accessories allow specialists to perform work with ease and have free access to patients from all sides of the table.

Do you want to know more about gynaecology chairs and tables?

To get more information on available accessories and color charts, you can contact us and plan your visit to the Novak M showroom. The experienced sales team will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect medical equipment.

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