Novak M products at One day surgery, Switzerland

Novak M Swiss sales team hepled to equip the first outpatient clinic One Day Surgery in Fribourg, Switzerland. We are proud that this modern medical center chose Novak M equippment. In order to provide the best medical care and safety to their patients, the clinic’s specialized staff need top equippment to support their demanding jobs.

Novak M is proud to have been able to meet the needs and demands of the first outpatient clinic in the canton of Fribourg. Besides general practices, this modern medical centre comprises clinical analysis laboratory, radiology and an outpatient surgery unit. The centre aims to put the patient at the centre of their concern. With new technologies and top modern equipment being available to the medical personnel, the clinic ensures best medical care and safety to their patients.

To perform different medical examinations and to treat patients also in seated position, we equipped the premises of 1DS with Examination tables SXL, along with Medicine stools for complete harmonisation of specialists’ working space.

Three section Therapy tables S3 with electrically supported back and seat section will enable therapists to position their patients during treatments easily and quickly.

To run blood tests more smoothly, they purchased Blood sample chair N. With its low position and support handles, chair allows patients to sit easily and safely for laboratory procedures.

As the clinic always puts the patients first, they chose Therapy chairs ZeroG because of the perfect comfort and independency the chair offers to patients during long-lasting therapies.


If you are also looking to equip your medical facilities with the top-class equipment, do not hesitate to contact us and visit one of our showrooms.

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