Renewed St. Elisabeth clinic in Ravensburg

Together with our German sales team Novak M Deutschland GmbH, we equipped the new modern clinic St. Elisabeth. Our Stretchers X support the medical staff to act faster and easily in the emergency department. Patients in different clinic’s practices will experience perfect comfort of Examination tables SL.

Adequate equipment for emergency department is crucial, as it ensures safe, effective and unhindered treatment of the patients. We always try to meet all your requirements and you can choose a different variety of models and accessories, as can be confirmed by many reputable clinics in Europe. Novak M high-quality products have also reached the German market, more precisely, Oberschwabenklinik in Ravensburg.

At the end of September, they held the ceremony in the honour of their renovated clinic St. Elisabeth. The new, modern departments are equipped with Stretchers X for faster assistance of the patients in case of emergency and with Examination tables SL for general care.

The highlights from the celebration and photographs of the modern setting of medical equipment in hospital premises were taken by the talented photographer Derek Schuh.


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