Therapy chairs ZeroG at dr. med. Astrid Kohl, Germany

Practice Dr. med. Astrid Kohl in Germany chose Novak M’s Therapy chairs ZeroG. They were won over by the perfect comfort and easy adjustments that make the patients more independent. Both is of utmost importance during lenghty therapies.

Dr. med. Astrid Kohl is a Specialist of Internal Medicine, who combines traditional and alternative methods of treatment. Our Novak M Deutschland team equipped the practice in Berlin, Germany with the latest novelty by Novak M, Therapy chairs ZeroG luxury.

“When dealing with patients, we focus not only on treating the symptoms of their disease, but we also focus on finding and treating the cause of disease. Patient always comes first. Therefore, we always try to find the right and most beneficial treatment for each individual.” Professional approach is supported by high-quality medical equipment. According to dr. Kohl, the patients feel more comfortable sitting through longer therapy sessions, all thanks to the new therapy chairs by Novak M.

The first-class comfort of Therapy chair ZeroG is guaranteed by extremely soft padding and an option to set the chair into Zero Gravity position. These two innovative solutions offer full body support along the lying surface, pressure relief for the body and joints and overall improve user experience during long-lasting therapies.

If you also wish to upgrade your medical equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. Make an appointment with our Novak M sales team to try out all the benefits of the ZeroG chair by yourself at one of our showrooms.

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