“We were convinced by the combination of quality and design.”

The examination tables SXL – basic at the Centre Médical du Lac Sàrl on Lake Geneva ensure the comfort of patients and medical staff during examinations and treatments.

To meet all the needs and requirements

In collaboration with our partner Marcel Blanc, we have equipped the Centre Médical du Lac Sàrl with examination tables. After thorough consideration, they chose the examination tables SXL – basic for their consulting and treatment rooms. They were convinced by the combination of design and high quality as well as the wide range of accessories. The tables were chosen in both 65 and 75 cm widths to meet the different needs of medical examinations and treatments. They feature two sections but since the head section is extended, they allow a comfortable sitting position too. The PVC covers for the leg section were added to protect the padding for cases when patients do not take off their shoes.

an examination table with long head section in a doctor's office

Daily patient workflow with full support

The greatest benefit of examination tables for their daily work, they say, is in the comfort they offer to patients and medical staff. Patients are pleasantly comfortable on the 6 cm thick padded tabletop. It makes them feel more secure and relaxed during examinations. Since the examination tables are electrically height-adjustable, they can make it easier for patients to get on and off. For the medical staff, this feature means they can always perform examinations and various treatments in an ergonomic position.


Expertise and high standards

The medical center aims to provide the best possible care for its patients. The expertise of the general practitioners and other specialists is combined with a holistic approach to patients who come to their offices. To be able to carry out their mission smoothly on a daily basis, they have chosen equipment that is characterized by quality, excellent design and durability.

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