Examination table also at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

We have entered the summer and the holiday season. Have you noticed that planes are no longer lonely birds in the sky? More and more of them are flying from the Ljubljana Airport, which can boast the opening of a new modern passenger terminal that has been welcoming and escorting passengers abroad since 1 July.

Medical clinic at the airport

The airport is dedicated to the comfort and safety of passengers. This is ensured not only by security check-ups, but also by the airport clinic, which is equipped with an examination table from our production.

passenger terminal at Ljublajna airport

The airport provides a 24-hour emergency medical care for passengers, employees and anyone in need of urgent medical assistance. In addition to the regular Kranj Health Center’s doctor’s office, which operates during the week in the morning, there is an on-call clinic during the week in the afternoon, and all day on weekends and public holidays,” says Mrs. Dijana Milojčić, who has been working as a nurse manager since 2010.

sign for airport clinic

Examination table SL – basic in the airport clinic at the new terminal

Examination table SL-basic was chosen for the new and modern on-call clinic facilities at the airport. The electric basic model has an extended head section, which allows the patient to be placed in a comfortable half-sitting position.

examination table at airport clinic

The table is very practical, easy to use and most importantly very comfortable. We also like the fact that the infusion stand is attached to the table, which absolutely makes our job easier,” said Mrs. Dijana about the new examination table.

Safe holidays

Thanks to the airport medical team for placing trust in our products and we wish them every success at their job.

a plane waiting to take off

And to all of you reading this, have a nice and safe holiday, hoping you won’t need any medical services during this time.

airport longue

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