Examination table with ultrasound opening at Cardial Medical Center

In the week when we celebrate the World Heart Day, we would like to present the Cardial Medical Centre in Ljubljana and their cardiology office, where they use the Novak M ‘s examination table with an ultrasound opening.

The examination table in the cardiology office

The Cardial Medical Center’s cardiology office, which can boast cutting-edge achievements in the diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases, provides specialist examinations and a full range of non-invasive cardiology diagnostics and treatment. This includes heart ultrasound examinations, which require an ultrasound opening on the examination table.

Responding to specific needs

The examination table S chosen is electric with a two-section 75 cm wide lying surface. “It means a lot to us to be able to ensure safety and comfort during examinations. The padding and materials are skin-friendly, and the table is wide enough for patients to feel safe and turn over easily during the examination without worrying about falling off the table,” they told us at Cardial Medical Center.

What makes the table special is that it features an opening on the left side of the lying section, which allows specialists to access the patient from the underside as well. When other examinations and treatments are being carried out and the opening is not needed, it is covered with a matching cushion, which gives the mattress back its unity. “The latter is important because we use the table not only in cardiology office but also in the dermatology and orthopedic offices because it is so easy to move. The mobility of the table is really excellent,” we were told.


The advantage of an electric table

The table is electric and equipped with a circular switch. “It’s really easy to adjust the height because we can do it from all sides of the table,” they are pleased.  They can allow for each individual patient to easily settle on the table and the medical staff can simply reset the appropriate working height.

Cardial Medical Center

The Cardial Medical Center is a private healthcare facility that has been part of the Diagnostic Centre Bled Group since 2020. They provide a wide range of specialist examinations and tests under one roof, all united by the principle “Professionalism and dedication to preserving your health”. They provide their patients with high-quality individual treatment thanks to their outstanding expertise, long tradition and organization.

We would like to thank them for their purchase and the trust they placed in our products and we wish them every success in their mission.

Are you looking for an examination table tailored to your needs?

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