Exceptional comfort of examination tables in Premediko

Also the Premediko’s choice of examination tables for their new surgeries demonstrates their dedication and commitment to patients, which has been their mission since the foundation in 1995.

Premediko – a family business

Premediko is a family-owned company from Maribor, Slovenia, which has been present in the medical field for years. Today, you can find three different practices in their premises: a family medicine practice, a dermatology  and an occupational, transport and sports medicine practice.

Quality equipment for professional treatment

For the occupational, transport and sports medicine practice and the dermatology clinic, they chose four-section examination tables. The tables are equipped with a circular switch that allows staff to quickly adjust the table during the treatment, no matter where they stand next to the table. In addition, the middle two parts of the table are electrically adjustable, making it much easier to set the desired positions once the patient is on the table. Both tables are 75 cm wide to ensure that patients are really comfortable during treatment. One of the tables is also equipped with an armrest to support various examinations.


Comfortable sitting position

The four-section examination tables offer a very comfortable sitting position, which was one of the decisive factors for the chosen model. The sitting position resembles the zero gravity position, where the patient is comfortably reclined backwards, with the legs elevated and slightly bent. When the treatment lasts a bit longer, such as during minor dermatological procedures, it is even more important that the patient’s comfort is well taken care of. Besides, in the future Premediko intends to introduce intravenous vitamin therapy. Under the supervision of trained staff, a nutritious infusion of vitamins is delivered into the bloodstream which allows the vitamins to be absorbed and used more quickly by the body. The body’s energy levels improve and the immune system strengthens.

Examination tables tailored for each practice

We would like to thank Premediko for trusting our products and wish that the new examination tables will help make the treatments even more efficient and pleasant for the patients and staff.

If you are looking for tailor-made and state-of-the-art examination tables, contact us. Visit our website to see all available models and use the online configurator where you can fully customize the chosen model with accessories according to the needs of your practice and your patients.

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