Massage table S2 in KaBella Studio

KaBella Studio in Grosuplje, Slovenia, was one of the first customers who purchased the new Red Dot awarded S-line table. We talked to the young and pleasant owner of the studio, Katja Brlan, who told us why she chose Massage table S2.

Beauty and massage studio KaBella at your service

In Studio KaBella, they take excellent care of entire body. They are aware of the imporatnce of our skin, the biggest human organ exposed to external influences. That is why it needs to be nurtured and protected. The KaBella staff provide all cosmetic and pedicure services professionally and with exceptional dedication to their work. By massaging the whole body or spine, they also relax muscles and accelerate the regeneration of damaged parts.

Massage table S2 surprises with exceptional comfort

Massage tables feature standard 8 cm thick padding made of two- layer top quality foam. Mrs. Brlan sees in this the greatest benefit for her clients. »Every client that lays down on the table notices the difference and praises its comfort. Often, they do not even know that the table is new because the top is covered by a sheet. «

Where is the secret of the breathing hole?

»My clients also often remark about the breathing hole. They say it is so much more comfortable.« The edges of massage table’s breathing hole is padded with memory foam to ensure maximum comfort of the face during lying face down. Besides, the seams are softer as they are welded and taped and not stiched.

Electric height adjustment is truly a luxury

Massage tables of the new S-line all feature electric height adjustment which is really luxurious for practitioners’ every day work. »The height adjustment range is wide which allows as to adjust height for each individual client. You know, people are very different in terms of postures,« says the owner. The practitioners are pleased that it is so easy to ensure working at appropriate height as taking care of their own health must be their primary concern as well.

Benefits of the circular switch

Massage table S2 features an intuitive circular switch. Practitioners can adjust the height at any time during treatment regardless of where they stand. Katja Brlan sees the benefit also in its foot operation as her hands are often rubbed with something when performing massages or beauty treatments.


Massage tables based on 40 years of experience

We are pleased every time we receive feedback from our customers that our products have improved everyday working conditions. For more than 40 years, we have been designing products in close contact to the users to ensure just that, perfect support at their work.

We would like to thank Studio KaBella for the purchase and giving us the feedback. We wish them much success in their work for the well-being of their clients.

Perfect massage table for your studio

If you are looking for a massage table with a wide comfortable table top for massage or any other treatments and therapies, contact us. Visit our on-line configurator where you will easily choose a model and accessories to fit your needs. Of course, you are also welcome to visit our showroom in Komenda. Our sales team is at your service!

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