Top-notch medical equipment from Slovenia in the Primary health center Novi Sad

Novak M quality medical equipment at Primary health center Novi Sad, Serbia, will help medical staff provide quality care at the primary level.

Primary healthcare at the highest level

At the Primary Health Centre Novi Sad, they are aware that health at the level of an individual and the entire society is an important factor in leading a fulfilling life. They want to provide quality primary health care to the people of the Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovac region. This includes preventive and screening examinations, diagnostics, treatment and therapies.

the interior of primary health center Novi Sad

Quality treatments on Examination tables S-basic

Doctor’s offices at the health center have been equipped with Examination tables S-basic which help the staff to carry out their daily work smoothly and easily with their functionality and clean design. Comfortably padded table tops and adjustable head sections ensure patients’ comfort during examinations. The height is electrically adjustable, allowing patients easy access to the table top and, above all, ensuring that medical staff can work ergonomically without unnecessary bending.


Laboratory diagnostics with Blood sample chairs N

Novak M Blood sample chairs cater for the needs of patients and medical staff in the laboratory. The comfortable seating together with padded armrests greatly contribute to the patient feeling safe and relaxed during the blood draw. Both armrests are fully adjustable, in height and tilt, to allow staff to arrange an ergonomic position for their tasks. At the same time, the chair ensures a quick reaction in cases where the patient is at risk, as the chair automatically adjusts to the Trendelenburg position with just a push on the lever.

green blood donor chair in laboratory

Trusting in Quality

We would like to thank Primary health center Novi Sad for trusting the top-quality products from our production and our Serbian partner AB Trade.

If you are furnishing a small private practice or you have a big project of outfitting a clinic ahead, browse through our range of examination tables and other products on our website and tailor them according to your needs in the on-line configurator. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need more information.

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