In the 90s | Novak M for 45 years

In the 1990s, the company sets its focus on the production of treatment tables, which prompts the call for its own brand.

Years of change

The 1990s saw major changes in both the political and social spheres as well as in economy. Slovenia became an independent country and the market began to open up.

New products: responding to customer needs

The range of Novak products changed considerably in ten years. Close contact with medical staff was the drive of product development. During this period, instrument trolleys were introduced. Our customers today still ask after them, although they haven’t been in production for several years. Then treatment tables were introduced: for cosmetics and pedicure, examination tables, first with fixed height, then hydraulically adjustable and often fully customized to the needs of individual specialists.

Marinka Purkart, head nurse at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, recalls the period: “Cooperation with Novak M has always been correct. In the days when Bojan Novak was still running the company, his team helped us to equip the old pediatric clinic in Ljubljana with products that we couldn’t get elsewhere. I remember we got a resuscitation trolley perfectly adapted to our wishes.”

The begining of the Novak M brand

In 1995, the company moved to bigger premises and took a new corporate identity Kovinska galanterija Novak. They became increasingly aware of the need to build its own brand. The company started working closely with the excellent designer Judita Skalar, who created the Novak logo, which is still part of the Novak M brand today and the overall brand identity. The company attended the first Medilab medical equipment fair in Ljubljana which became a regular feature for many years to come.

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