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Stories of our customers are presented monthly on our website. If you would like us to present your physiotherapy practice, medical practice, clinic or massage studio, contact us!

Case studies

Can you imagine how different the needs of various medical specialists during examinations and treatments are? How many different approaches and techniques there are in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and massage treatments? With case studies, as we call the presentations of the customers of our equipment, we want to cover at least a part of such a very diverse use of our products.

To reach the right decision

What all our customers have in common is that they choose the model that will support their work best and meet their specific needs, be it in a general practice, physiotherapy practice, massage or wellness studio. It is from this point of view that these case studies can be of great help when deciding which model to choose for your business. You can find over 30 of them on our website. Perhaps someone else’s experience can help you make the right decision.

First-hand experience

We are interested in the first-hand experience. We want to find out where users, both staff and patients, see the benefits of our products, what specific features help them make their daily work easier. Close contact with users is the drive of our development.

To begin with

We will prepare your story based on a conversation with you. Present us your field of work and send us some photos. We will post your story on our website among the news, and we will also make a short post on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Contact our marketing team! We’ll be happy to present your story!




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