Medical Center Crystal offices with Novak M examination tables

Novak M examination tables with their aesthetic design fit perfectly into the modern ambiance of Medical Center Crystal. There is a sense of tranquility that inspires confidence that services provided here are of a high professional standard.

A modernly designed medical center

Medical Center Crystal opened earlier this year in Ljubljana. With a wide range of healthcare and aesthetic services, it aims to provide its patients with quality and holistic treatment to help them live a healthy and fulfilling life. Under one roof, you will find experts in aesthetics, family medicine, urology, orthopedics, and gynecology.

Diversity with a common denominator

“As a new medical center, we want to offer our patients services on top-notch examination tables. That’s why we decided to purchase Novak M examination tables, which provide a delightful working experience with their design and simplicity,” said the representatives from Crystal. The medical offices are equipped with different models of examination tables, depending on the examinations and treatments that take place there. The Examination table SXLP, which is a fully electric two-section table, stands in the family medicine office. It is equipped with a circular switch for height adjustment as well as a manual switch to adjust both tabletop sections. The key advantage of the table is that it allows the Trendelenburg position. For urological and gynecological examinations, they chose the Gynecological examination table S, which meets the needs of both specialized and general examinations with its equipment and ergonomics. The offices where aesthetic treatments are performed are equipped with Examination tables S4. The bed width of 75 cm and the four-section tabletop allow the staff to provide patients with comfort and the best position to support treatment.


Supporting treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV vitamin therapy are also part of holistic treatment. These forms of modern complementary treatments provide excellent support for various health conditions. Novak M’s Blood sample chair ensures patient comfort during IV vitamin therapies.

Thank you for your trust!

We wish Medical Center Crystal success on the path they have set out to fulfill their mission daily and help each individual with the best care for a healthy and fulfilling life. Thank you for placing trust in our products!

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