Artros Medical Center

Artros Medical Center located in Tehnološki park, Ljubljana Brdo, is expanding its premises this October. We are pleased that Novak M products are also part of their successful story that is motivated by its honorable mission to help people regain their health.

Artros – holistic patient care

Artros Medical Centre specializes in the treatment of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They provide their patients with comprehensive treatment and expertise from the first examination to rehabilitation. Based on their extensive experience, top specialists use the latest treatment methods and state-of-the-art technological equipment. They take an individual approach to each patient and follow them all the way from the first specialist examination, diagnosis, treatment, surgery to the end of their rehabilitation.

artros logo on a window

New premises of Artros day hospital

In October, the Artors Centre is opening new premises for its day hospital. With its exceptional functionality, the Stretcher X2 ensures easy admission and preparation of the patient for their procedure, as well as safety during transport. After surgery, patients are transferred to the Day Hospital chair ZeroG, which combines the comfort of a hospital bed and all the features of a good stretcher. The recovery room, where patients spend their post-operative recovery, is equipped with six such chairs.

stretcher trolley in day hospital clinic

Specialist clinics

In the specialist outpatient clinics on the upper floor, examination tables SXLP will ensure the comfort of patients and medical staff during examinations and treatments. The two-section tables are electrically adjustable and allow the Trendelenburg position for cases of patient emergency.

Quality first

We are delighted that the Artros Medical Centre has placed their trust in our products. Their expertise and dedication that goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art quality equipment certainly guarantee the highest level of patient care and treatment. Thank you for your trust!

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