How to choose the perfect chair for lengthy therapies or recovery?

During long lasting therapies or for recovery purposes, it is crucial to think about your patient’s comfort. Here, the mattress is the key feature. Novak M Z-line chairs for lengthy therapies and postoperative recovery guarantee a perfect solution – premium mattress that offers full body support.

Comfort when your patients need it most

After imagining how your patients will feel after 4-8 hours in a reclining position and hardly moving, you know perfectly well that you need to purchase the most comfortable product on the market to equip your clinic. With extremely soft premium ZeroG mattress, Novak M Z-line chairs for longer therapies or postoperative recovery are the perfect choice to offer your patients comfort when they need it most.

How is the new-technology foam ZeroG different?

Mattress on Therapy chairs ZeroG and Day hospital chair is extremely comfortable due to a three-layered high technology foam with an open-celled structure. It has the best moisture regulation, ideal warmth control, first-class pressure relief and high foam elasticity and longevity. In short, this premium mattress prevents overheating and sweating and at the same time provides full support and relief from pressure on the body and joints.

mattress ZeroG in day hospital

According to received feedback, the chairs truly provide exceptional comfort and calmness. “During whole treatment, I was calm and without back pains. It felt like I was sitting on a soft cloud,” said one of the patients at dialysis department. Positive remarks not only come from patients, but from medical staff as well. Dr. Mariano Bueno Cortés from Biosalud Day Hospital was impressed with the high level of comfort that Z-line chairs provide: “Our patients feel as kings and queens.”

Could Z-line chairs be the right answer to your needs?

If you would like to provide the ultimate comfort to patients at your ward, please check out the online configurator, where you can select the appropriate chair with different accessories. For additional questions and information, Novak M sales team is always available and glad to help. You can contact one of our representative partners in your country as well.

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