The comfort of Therapy chairs ZeroG also in UKC Ljubljana

Therapy chairs ZeroG bring a new dimension of comfort to patients treated at the Clinical Department of Gastroenterology (KOGE) of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

Clinical Department of Gastroenterology

Patients undergoing chemotherapy arrive daily at the KOGE day hospital of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Being ill with cancer means an uncertainty and unpredictability and cuts deep into one’s life. We cannot imagine the distress, fear and anxiety they face. Patients receive chemotherapy as part of their treatment in cycles on an outpatient basis and lasts for 4-5 hours on average.

Ensure safety and comfort

According to the head nurse of KOGE, the aim is to provide patients with an environment where the patient feels safe and comfortable.  During our visit to the ward, we saw that the staff are well aware that cancer patients face a difficult time in their lives. That is why they care about where and how their patients spend their time during chemotherapy.  A part of the ward’s equipment are the Therapy chairs ZeroG, which according to patients’ feedback provide exceptional comfort.

Benefits of the Therapy chair ZeroG

The therapy chair’s mattress with special triple-layer technology foam, which has an open cell structure, offers full support and prevents the patient from overheating and sweating. The chair is equipped with a hand switch that allows patients to adjust the position that suits them best by themselves. The chair also offers a Zero Gravity position, where the body’s gravitational force is released so that the weight of the body is evenly distributed. This relieves pressure on the muscles and joints and speeds up circulation. The footrest contributes to additional comfort.


Would you like to provide such comfort in your ward?

We are pleased to be able to add a small part to the healing journey with the equipment we manufacture. We would like to thank the staff of the Gastroenterology Clinical Department who shared some of their daily routine with us, especially the head nurse, Ms. Linda Cellner.

If you are interested in what therapy chairs can bring to the patients on your ward, browse through our offer online and you are most welcome to visit our showroom in Komenda.

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