Configure a therapy chair for your precise needs

Working in dialysis department? Taking care of patients in day hospital oncology department? Would you like to make them as comfortable as possible? Therpay chair ZeroG is the answer. Visit our on-line configurator and make it fit your department needs.

Therapy chair ZeroG in the on-line configurator

We offer two different models of therapy chairs. Read more about their characteristics and advantages in one of our former posts. As today, we would like to take you through our configurator which offers you the simplest way to look at and consider all additional accessories. Take into account the specific needs of your patients, the use at your department, the room you will put it in and equip the chair to fulfill your requirements.

For patent’s perfect comfort during therapies

The chair is designed for patients’ comfort. The comfortable mattress, adjustable armrests and head rest, simple hand switch for position adjustment are parts of standard equipment. Besides all these, a footrest can be added. Patients can adjust its position easily due to the integrated button. The footrest provides additional support, in particular when they want to move a bit.

Therapy chair fits into your premises

Clinics often face problems with a lack of space. Despite the fact that therapy chair looks like a big comfortable bed, it features a small footprint. Find out what other accessories can help you save space.


Everything you need is on the chair

An infusion stand and its holder on the left and/or the right are attached to the base of the chair. This way you avoid self-standing stands. Optional fixation rails can be mounted along the sitting section for the attachment of accessories needed during therapies.

Therapy chair is easily moved

Therapy chairs feature castors so you can move them across the room. In case you move them often and from one room to another, choose big antistatic castors. Additional battery is also available and it allows you to adjust positions even if the chair is disconnected. Armrests can feature additional upholstery protection.

What about hygiene?

Many patients come for therapy and sit on the same chair during a day. It is very important you can ensure hygiene easily and quickly. The therapy chair has an option of paper roll holder mounted on the back. For day hospital departments, we recommend you add PVC cover to protect the leg section from shoe dirt.


Choose the color and you’re done

There is only one thing left to choose in the configurator, the color. Three colors of the sky are available so your patients can really feel like floating on a cloud. When you’re done, simply send us the configuration to receive a quote. For all additional questions, contact our sales team or pay a visit to our showroom in Komenda.

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