Therapy chairs ZeroG at Clinique Générale Beaulieu, Switzerland

13 therapy chairs ZeroG bring exceptional comfort to oncology department at Clinique Générale Beaulieu in Geneva. Special thanks to our trustworthy Swiss partner Marcel Blanc & Cie!

The Clinique Générale Beaulieu

The Clinique Générale Beaulieu is part of the Swiss Medical Network group, one of the two main Swiss groups of private clinics. Recently they have opened a new oncology, hematology and radiotherapy center. It combines a therapeutic and supportive approach, placing emphasis on their staff expertise and a modern, state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

therapy chair inoncology patient room

Therapy chairs ZeroG catering for patient’s every need

Novak M’s therapy chairs were especially designed for lengthy therapies. Patient’s weight is distributed evenly and thus the pressure on the body and joints is relieved. The exceptionally soft upholstery provides the body with perfect support and regulates the patient’s temperature. The footrest, which can be adjusted by the patient themself, provide additional comfort.

footrest on therapy chair


Thank you for trusting Novak M’s quality

We are delighted to have been able to help equip this new center in cooperation with Marcel Blanc & Cie. We would like to thank Clinique Générale Beaulieu for placing their trust in our products.

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