Therapy chair ZeroG for royal comfort

“Our patients feel as kings and queens,” they say at Biosalud Day Hospital describing the comfort of Novak M ‘s Therapy chairs ZeroG. Such feedback makes us feel that our mission has been accomplished.

Comfort – the key feature for lengthy treatments

We need high comfort level for our patients and Novak M therapy chairs are the best for it. Our patients feel as kings and queens.” says Dr. Mariano Bueno Cortés from Biosalud Day Hospital, an international integrative medicine clinic specialized in Lyme Disease and Autoimmune diseases. Their departments are visited daily by patients who undergo an apheresis treatment, which is a high technological procedure where blood is taken from the patient, handled, and reinfused. These treatments take 3 hours and during that time patients have to remain more or less still. The therapy chairs ZeroG have proved to be the perfect solution for their high comfort requirements.

Biosalud Day Hospital – only the best for their patients

Biosalud Day Hospital, Spain is a center specialized in biological and integrative medicine operating since 1985. They develop personalized treatment protocols and strive to a holistic approach taking into account all the physical and emotional aspects. They specialize in biological, integrative and regenerative medicine using the most advanced technology and permanent innovation so they can offer their patients the most effective treatments for Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and cancer.

Premium mattress and easy use

Therapy chair‘s premium mattress is made of three-layered high technology foam with an open-celled structure that prevents overheating and sweating and provides full body support. Patients can reset their position in a matter of seconds as the chair features a hand switch. By pressing the cloud button, it sets into a ZeroG position that relieves the pressure of gravity from the body and distributes the weight evenly. The padded armrest and optional footrest contribute to perfect comfort the chair provides during treatments.


Thank you for trusting Novak M

We would like to thank the Biosalud Day Hospital for trusting in our products. If you would like to provide the ultimate comfort to patients at your ward, contact us and our sales team will help you choose the right model and additional equipment to meet your needs.

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