Gynecological examination table by the numbers

Experience all the comfort and exceptional functionality of the gynecological examination table. These two key features will bring ease to your practice and the feeling that you can devote yourself fully and professionally to your patients.

Safe and easy access

When a patient comes into the surgery, she needs to settle on the table. If you imagine that she is heavily pregnant, it is crucial that the staff can lower the table for her to access easily. Compared to the competition, the Gynecological examination table S has an extremely low lower position, only 47 cm. It also inspires confidence with its solid metal construction and safe working load of 250 kg.

Relaxed and comfortable during the examination

Examination process runs more smoothly and easily when the patient is comfortable and relaxed. That’s why the tables feature a padding with a 6 cm thick double-layer foam as standard and 8 cm thick padding is available as well. Since the edges are finished at the right angle, the lying surface has increased by 21% compared to the previous S generation. There is enough room for the patient’s arms to rest comfortably next to the body. The color of the imitation leather can be selected in more than 30 different colors.

Functionality enables better workflow

Ultrasound and gynecological examinations can be both performed on the same table, so the patient doesn’t have to move from one table to another. It is designed with a short head section, a longer middle section and a short foot section that ends in a U-shape. It can provide a fully extended position and a seated position suitable for gynecological examinations. It also features Göpel leg supports, inox bowl and support handles as part of standard equipment. Patients sit in this case on the short seat section, which is electrically adjustable up to +30°. The middle section lifts up to +60° by means of a gas spring to allow patients lean back comfortably.

This model is particularly suitable for offices where different examinations are carried out in the same room – it serves as an ordinary examination table and perfectly replaces a gynecological chair. It also features retractable castors so it can be easily moved around the room or to the next door office.


For an ergonomic posture

The height range between 47 and 94 cm ensures that you can adjust it for each examination and make sure that your posture remains healthy. Thanks to the circular switch, which is accessible from all 4 sides of the table, you can do it hands free any time during an examination. As standard, the table features a hand switch as well. It is intended for seat section adjustment and height as well.

Want to know more?

Not convinced yet? Do you have some questions about the gynaecological examination table? Browse through our website and try out our online configurator. Tailor the table so it fits your and your patients’ needs. Call us and visit our showroom to experience it in person.

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