SV Darmstadt 98 enjoys the comfort of our treatment tables

During treatments, the SV Darmstadt 98’s football players enjoy the exceptional comfort of massage tables with a wonderful view over the green stadium field.

Top-level care

To uphold the high standards required to work effectively with athletes of SV Darmstadt 98, German Bundesliga football club, the physiotherapy team recognized the need for equally professional equipment. They purchased treatment tables Massage table S2 that meet their expectations in terms of quality, sturdiness and functionality. This aligns with their commitment to delivering best services and ensuring the well-being of the football players.

Ensuring individualized treatment for every player

Professional athletes receive therapeutic treatments on a daily basis, before and after matches and in case they suffer from an injury. The treatment tables cater for daily work routines and specific requirements. With their flexibility, they help built an environment that addresses diverse needs of the players. “An extreme advantage is the possibility of individual configuration of the therapy tables. We can adapt the tables specifically to our daily work and our needs,” says Sebastian Pommer, the physical therapist at SV Darmstadt 1898.

Select model and configure

Price/performance ratio

They were also impressed by the price/performance ratio. Sturdy construction with 250 kg safe working load, large comfortably padded tabletop, a three-part head section that adds to supreme relaxation and electric height adjustment for perfect ergonomics. At a competitive price point, they could purchase a high-quality table that helps customize treatments for their athletes.

Changes for the better

It is always amazing to receive feedback that our products change the course of treatments for the personnel and patients for the better. Thanks to our partner K-Active Europe GmbH! We wish the SV Darmstadt 98’s athletes all well!

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