ATOMOS Klinik Währing: high-quality examination tables with attractive design

The key criteria for furnishing of the newly established ATOMOS Klinik Währing with Novak M examination tables were their high-quality craftmanship and design.

Decisive criteria

The ATOMOS Klinik Währing, a private clinic of the ATOMOS Kliniken Group, in Vienna furnished 14 surgeries with examination tables S because they recognized the top quality. Carefully selected materials, thoughtful design and manufacture ensure the highest standards of reliability and durability. This is essential for their daily use in a demanding clinical environment.


Medicine for people

The clinic has a total of six competence centers focusing on general and vascular surgery, urology, gynecology and orthopedics. In addition to surgical services, the recently introduced outpatient center extends our services offering additional avenue for tailored consultations and treatments,” says Dr. Florian Valach, Managing Director of ATOMOS Klinik Währing. Dedicated to realizing its mission statement, “Medicine for people,” the clinic prioritizes the highest level of patient orientation. They use intensive, interdisciplinary expertise and commitment to create a holistic approach from the wide range of specialist medical disciplines.


Aesthetic design

In addition to the medical services and modern medical-technical equipment, the clinic’s interior design meets all the requirements for people to feel comfortable and safe there. Florian Valach, dr. med. says they wanted to create an environment where both patients and staff would feel that way. The aesthetic design of the tables, which has been awarded a Red Dot, meets the high standards of the clinic and contributes to creating such an environment.

Thank you for trusting examination tables Novak M

We would like to thank ATOMOS Klinik Währing for placing trust in our examination tables and we hope they serve well in their great mission to help people receive the greatest care and treatment. Thanks also to our dedicated Austrian dealer MEDITEC Medizintechnik.

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