Basic treatment tables – a combination of elegance and functionality

Basic massage and therapy tables of the renewed S-line impress with their exceptional stability, elegance and functionality. Simple and innovative features ensure that your clients and patients will enjoy perfect comfort, while you will be able to do your work efficiently and professionally.

Bring treatment to a higher level

You can make your clients and patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable during treatments on massage and therapy tables S – basic. The 6 cm thick padding, made of two-layer flexible foam and a standard breathing hole in the head section guarantee the best user experience.

The basic treatment tables can also adapt to suit any practitioner’s treatment needs so they will be able protect their health over long term. You can adjust the exact appropriate height for each individual treatment by using a simple electric foot switch. Due to the sturdy construction and impressive weight capacity of 200 kg, the table will not move or bend even when you apply stronger pressure.

Simplified cleaning

Upholstery of massage and therapy tables S – basic is made of top-quality imitation leather by the best European manufacturers. It is seamless along the whole lying surface for an easier cleaning and preserving a high hygiene standard. To ensure a long lifespan of your chosen table, we strongly recommend regular cleaning and removing residues of lotions and oils.

Purchase the perfect treatment table

By combining top-notch design with many years of experience in product technology of healthcare equipment, the basic therapy and massage tables comply with all relevant medical standards. You can choose among different models of treatment tables, that will completely support you with everyday tasks.

Massage table S2 – basic and Massage table S3 – basic represent a perfect combination of elegance and functionality for any massage studio, spa or resort. If you need a table for more demanding physiotherapy treatments, the Therapy table S3 – basic is a perfect choice. It offers the best positioning flexibility as you can manually adjust all three sections of the table.

Accessories to fulfill your work requirements

There is a variety of additional equipment for basic massage and therapy tables available, so you can choose a completely tailor-made product for your workplace. To prepare a clean lying surface for every new client, a very convenient accessory is a paper roll holder. It can be mounted under the head section or on the table’s base. Cleaning of the table can be simplified also by purchasing a PVC cover for leg section. If you often require a relaxed shoulder girdle during treatments, a three-part head section is a perfect solution. Ensuring safe environment for your patients is number one priority. Which is why you can add a safety switch to your table for locking the operation when authorized staff is not around.

Need to know more?

To get further information about the available accessories and color charts, you can contact us and schedule your visit to Novak M showroom in Komenda, Slovenia. The best sales team will help you make your practice look perfect.

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