Therapy tables for treatment on a higher level

Therapy tables by Novak M are distinguished by exceptional stability, outstanding materials and extreme comfort. Due to the upgraded functionality of the renewed S-line, they are the perfect support for different physiotherapy treatments and therapies. The tables are an indispensable choice for successful, efficient and safe professional work.

Comfort for both patients and practitioners

When you are deciding to buy the best possible equipment for your practice, you focus on two important features. On the one hand, you want a therapy table, where patients feel 100% safe and comfortable on. And on the other hand, you need a therapy table that can adapt to suit your treatment needs so you can work in an ergonomic manner that protects your body over the long term.

Therapy tables that simplify your work

When choosing the right therapy table for your practice, you should make no compromises on stability and functionality. These two qualities are crucial for efficient and safe professional work. The standard weight capacity of Novak M therapy tables is 250 kg, so you can rely on the table even when you apply stronger pressure during treatments. It also stands firmly on rubber feet, which contributes to the perfect stability.

To make the therapist’s work easier, the height of the table can be electrically regulated by pressing a circular switch up and down, from all sides of the table. Patient positioning is simple and quick, due to the new software that enables the synchronous movement of the middle lying sections. These innovative solutions help you avoid unnecessary bending and protect your health.

For easier cleaning and maintaining proper high hygiene standards at your practice, the upholstery of all therapy tables is seamless. The seams around the breathing hole are welded and taped, which prevents penetration of any liquids.

Safe and comfortable patient recovery

For a maximum patient comfort during therapies the 8 cm thick padding is durable and made of two-layer foam. Your patients will feel more relaxed due to the wider lying surface. All therapy tables are equipped with a breathing hole with memory foam on the edges. This ensures perfect comfort of patient’s face when lying in a prone position. To offer your patient the best possible user experience you can equip the therapy table with an optional three-part head section for full relaxation of the neck, back, and shoulder girdle.

blue therapy table in different positions

Choosing the perfect therapy table

Novak M combines high-quality design and many years of experience in product technology and healthcare, so the products comply with all relevant medical standards. One may choose among different models of therapy and rehabilitation tables. To purchase a tailor-made treatment table, you can use the online configurator.

If a treatment demands using Jackknife or Trendelenburg position, you may decide to purchase Therapy table S3. The perfect table for more complex therapies, where you need to adjust the table’s sections electrically with hand switch, is Therapy table S4. With innovative solutions, the table offers support when positioning heavier patients thus protecting the health of the personnel.

Therapy table S8 is a fully equipped table that standardly includes a three-part head section and sturdier foldable side wings on the back section. For rehabilitation treatments you can choose between two different models of Bobath table. Both, one- and two-section models, include a hand switch for height adjustment, and with a two-section model you can regulate the head section as well.

Do you want to know more?

For additional information about the available accessories and color charts, you can contact us and make an appointment with our showroom in Komenda, Slovenia. The experienced sales team will gladly help you make your practice look perfect.

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