With a few clicks to a perfect examination or therapy table S BASIC

Every medical or physiotherapy practice as well as massage studio has its own requirements for an examination or therapy table. It is necessary to think carefully about their equipment before making a purchase. With the help of our online configurator, you can select all the necessary accessories to facilitate the workflow in just a few clicks right in the comfort of your own home.

Configure your perfect equipment

Besides electric and hydraulic models, you can now configure examination, therapy and massage tables S-BASIC as well. You can choose the width of the table, the color of the upholstery and, above all, all the accessories you need for the work in your doctor’s office, physiotherapy practice or massage studio.

All S-BASIC table models are electric, allowing you to easily adjust the height both to facilitate easy patient access and to make sure you perform treatments at the appropriate height. The sturdy construction and safe working load of 200 kg, as well as the elegant and clean design, ensure that treatments are carried out to the highest standards.

The configurator’s advantages

The easiest way to see which accessories are available for each S-basic model is to use the on-line configurator. By clicking on them, they will appear on the table and this will help you determine whether this is really what you want. The configurator also warns you if the accessories are not compatible with each other or if one does not go without the other.

Accessories for S BASIC tables

To help you maintain hygiene standards in your surgery, a PVC cover for the leg section and a paper roll holder are available. If you are equipping a doctor’s surgery, you can choose among two different models of armrests, a fixation rail, a laminate side table and an infusion stand. As they are part of table’s equipment, this makes your work easier and saves space in your practice. Massage and therapy tables S-basic can feature a three-part head section to provide additional relaxation for the muscles of the spine and neck. A safety switch can be added to all table models to prevent undesired height adjustment. It is particularly recommended in practices where patients are mainly children.

From configurator to purchase

When choosing an examination, massage or therapy table, visit our online configurator. Equip the chosen table model with accessories according to the requirements of your work and your patients. Send us the configuration and we will make sure you receive a good offer.

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