Two examination tables at the Revive Clinic

The new Revive Clinic for aesthetics, surgery and medicine has been opened in Ljubljana. Their top experts in various fields will take care of your health and beauty. They have entrusted full support of their work to the examination tables from Novak M’s production.

A modern clinic for aesthetics, surgery and medicine

Revive Clinic brings together experts from the fields of aesthetic medicine, surgery, dermatology and cosmetics. In their practices, they say, all questions are allowed.

Depending on the problems patients have and in accordance with their wishes, the clinic’s team designs a completely individualized treatment. They guide patients from examination, therapy, surgery to full recovery, because care of one’s health is the most important value.

Examination tables for complete support

The clinic decided to purchase two examination tables. The Examination table ETSXLP is a two-section table and fully electric, allowing the staff to meet their needs as easily as possible during treatment. In addition, it is 65 cm wide to facilitate easy access to the patient. It is used for both examinations, as it allows a comfortable sitting position, and minor operations.

The three-section Examination table S3 is located in the outpatient practice for medical cosmetics and rejuvenation treatments.


Thanks to Revive Clinic

We would like to thank the Revive Clinic for an excellent cooperation and especially to Dr. Križančič. In the final preparations before the opening, they generously lent us their premises, where we were able to take a series of exceptional photographs of our new Day surgery table S.

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