Examination tables at we4You medcare AG, Switzerland

»Examination tables we chose make our daily routines easier, facilitate efficient processes, and provide the greatest possible comfort for patients,« says the we4you medical staff.

Providing best medical care at prominent spot

We4You is a new polyclinic with its premises in more than 400 years old Ilge house, also former UBS bank, at Einselden monastery square. They are committed to delivering comprehensive and accessible healthcare services. Their team of highly qualified specialists, including experts in nursing, intensive care medicine, emergencies, psychology, foot reflexology, tobacco prevention, and nutritional advice, ensures that individuals of all ages receive the highest standard of care.

To fulfill every need

With the help of our Swiss dealer Hospimed, the clinic equipped its practices with electric Examination tables SL. They fulfilled their every requirement and now provide comfortable and secure platforms for performing careful and thorough examinations.

Deciding factors

The height adjustment which was a crucial factor in decision-making process ensures that their medical professionals can perform examinations with ease and precision. Moreover, they liked the choice of tabletop width, the large selection of colors, simple design and on top of it all the price/performance ratio.


To ensure best treatment

By creating a welcoming and technologically advanced medical environment, we4You wants to make sure that they can provide best medical care to their patients. We are pleased that our examination tables were recognized as the state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate that.

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