Novak M tables make hectic daily routines easier

The comfortable and versatile Examination table S4 and Day surgery table S support the daily routines in Dermatologie Baden, Switzerland.

Dermatologie Baden

Dermatologie Baden AG, situated in the spa district of Baden, offers a comprehensive range of conservative and cosmetic dermatology services. With a focus on the latest methods and gentle treatment procedures, combined with expertise and years of experience, they assure their clients to be in the best hands.

Modern practice

Newly designed premises located in the vicinity of the Fortyseven wellness spa create a clinical setting that inspires trust and competence. The Novak M tables fit in the modern and stylish practice due to their aesthetically pleasing design that was honored by the Red Dot Design Award in 2020. But they not only blend with the modern décor but also offer unparalleled comfort for both patients and practitioners alike.

High quality speaks for itself

Since the owners had positive former experience with examination tables Novak M, they did not hesitate to choose them for the new practice. The versatile Examination table S4 and efficient Day surgery table S answer the needs during dermatological consultations, treatments and surgeries. Their functionality and ease of use make them an invaluable asset to the hectic everyday routine in the practice.


Great user experience

With the help of our Swiss partner Hospimed, Dermatologie Baden chose examination tables that contribute to a positive experience in their practice.

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