Day surgery table S by the numbers

Reliability, flexibility and comfort… the Day surgery table S ensures that the surgeon and his team can do their job confidently and efficiently.

Access to the patient

The Day surgery table features a four-section tabletop with a width of 65 cm. The head section is narrower than the other parts of the table, measuring 36 cm in width and 45 cm in length. This allows the surgeon and his team to get as close to the patient as possible without unnecessary postural strain. The slim base contributes to easy access too, being out of the way regardless of where the procedure is performed.


Since the table adjusts in height between 53 and 100 cm, the surgeon can stand or sit during a surgery. It can be adjusted at any time, no matter where she/he is positioned around the table. The circular switch is integrated in the base and accessible from all sides.

To facilitate the adjustment of a specific position, the middle two sections of the table are electrically adjustable by means of a hand switch. The head and leg section are adjusted manually by gas springs. The hand switch allows 3 pre-set positions: extended, Trendelenburg and another position of your choice.

Day surgery table S

Perfect comfort

Patient comfort is also taken care of. The 8 cm thick padding is made of double-layer foam: elastic, air-permeable PT32 compact foam (4 cm, 32kg/m3) and memory foam. There is also a breathing hole in the head section to ensure complete comfort during procedures when the patient is lying on his/her stomach.

With standard equipment to perfection

The extensive standard equipment includes a built-in extra battery to ensure uninterrupted operation, even in the event of a power failure. There are also fixation rails alongside the tabletop with armrests attached. Thanks to the appropriate dimensions, you can also attach other accessories that you may need during surgeries.

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Select confidence

Knowing that the table can safely handle the demands of the procedure, the surgeon and his team can focus on their job with confidence. Contact us!

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