Day hospital chair ZeroG by the numbers

Day hospital setting is a specific environment where comfort, safety and versatility are prioritized. Day hospital chair ZeroG brings solutions for patient admittance, transport and recovery all in one.

It takes up little space…

After minor procedures and surgeries, the patient has to rest for a few hours and often in a specific position. In our experience, both hospital beds and ordinary examination tables are used for this purpose. The Day hospital chair offers an excellent balance between the space it occupies and the comfort it provides for the patient.

Compared to a hospital bed, it takes up 19% less space.* Its outer width is 80 cm, while the width of a hospital bed is 100 cm. If you previously put four hospital beds in a room, you can now fit five Day hospital chairs ZeroG.

…and offers great comfort to your patients

The greatest benefit of the Day hospital chair is its mattress, which features 14 cm thick ZeroG foam. Compared to the mattress of an examination table, ZeroG foam offers 38% more support for the body. It also conforms to the body better. This is measured by the Resistance to the compression hardness according to DIN ISO 3386/1. A normal PT foam requires a force of 4.6 kPa, whereas ZeroG foam requires only a force of 1.6 kPa. Thanks to the open-celled structure, its moisture and heat regulation is excellent.

To and from the operating table with ease

The day hospital chair can be the only bed your patient spends time on before and after surgery. The patient will only need to be moved on and off the operating table. The chair has exceptional driving characteristics, as it features ø 150 mm castors with central braking system and two fifth wheels with ø 200 mm. In addition, its base is shorter than that of a hospital bed, which makes its maneuverability better by far. The patient’s safety during transport is ensured by an 82 cm long safety rails, for which our R&D team has been awarded a patent.


Easily to different positions

With its flexibility, the Day hospital chair surpasses many hospital beds. All three chair sections are adjustable. By a hand switch, already the surgeon can adjust the position in which the patient needs to spend a few hours recovering, depending of course on the procedure performed. In addition, there are 4 pre-set positions: seated, fully extended, Trendelenburg and a “Cloud” or ZeroG position. This comes in especially handy in cases of emergency when every second counts. The adjustable headrest and footrest provide additional comfort for the patient.

The lowest point that can be reached without mattress is 44 cm, which is low enough for the patient to easily get on and off the chair safely. The 25 cm range ensures ergonomic position of the staff during transport and treatment and safe patient transfer on and off the operating table.

Many clinics have placed trust in ZeroGs

Many clinics such as Iatros, Artros, Morela and others have already recognized the Day Hospital chair ZeroG as the right answer to their needs. Are you interested as well? Contact us.

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*White paper: DHCZ footprint, data available on request

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