At the Day Hospital of Morela okulisti Eye Center

The high-quality standards set by Morela okulisti Eye Center for its services also apply to the equipment they use. Two Day hospital chairs ZeroG and a Stretcher X2 have become part of their day hospital in Ljubljana.

Day hospital clinic in Ljubljana

The Day hospital chairs ZeroG have replaced conventional hospital beds in the day hospital of the largest private eye clinic in Slovenia. After procedures that involve sedation, their patients lie down for as long as they need, usually up to three hours. Patients praise the comfort of the chairs and the staff sees their greatest benefits in easy handling and small footprint.

The patient transport trolley Stretcher X2 holds its place among their quality equipment. Its characteristics such as a very low access point for patient settling on and off the trolley, safety rails, stability and a safe working load of 250 kg fully support the therapies and treatments that take place in their practices.

Professionalism and full commitment to patients

The ophthalmologists at Morela okulisti Eye Center are the leading experts in laser eye and cataract surgery. More than 2,500 surgical procedures are performed at the clinic every year. The Morela Eye Center has a 20-year tradition, which is a testament to their high level of professionalism and commitment to patients. This also led to the success of the clinics they have opened in Graz, Austria, and Udine, Italy.

For the best results

The pioneering spirit and the unstoppable desire to achieve the best results for patients that shaped the clinic’s beginnings so many years ago still guide the work of the staff today. We are delighted that the day hospital chairs and other products have become part of the story of Morela okulisti and their noble mission.

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