How much does a massage table cost?

Looking for a massage table and wondering how much money to spend on it? Are you just starting out as a massage therapist or do you have years of experience under your belt? Although it may seem like you can save some money in the short term, buying a quality massage table is definitely a long-term investment that usually pays for itself in a short period of time.

What to look out for when buying a massage table

Although the prices of massage tables vary widely on the market, you will need to spend at least somewhere around EUR 2000 for a table that will ensure you good working conditions. More so if you are investing in your own premises, as a massage table is the basics for your job. It needs to be stable and comfortable so that it makes your clients feel safe and relaxed. At the same time, you also need to take care of your own health and good posture during treatments. That’s why, despite its higher price, the electric massage table is the best choice.

Quality comes at a price

Our massage tables comply with the EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) and meet the required standards which were approved by SiQ. The steel construction gives the tables sturdiness and stability, as well as exceptional durability. High-quality upholstery materials, double-layer flexible air-permeable foam 8 cm thick and imitation leather from renowned manufacturers, ensure your customers’ ultimate comfort. Their quality was also confirmed by the Red Dot Design Award, which the S- series tables received in 2020.

Different models of massage tables

The prices of our massage tables start at around 2000 EUR + VAT. Each table is custom made allowing you to really tailor the equipment to the needs of your work. The choice of table width, 65 or 75 cm, and the color of the upholstery from more than 30 different colors are already included in the price. Depending on the accessories you choose from our wide range, the price will vary. Among the accessories, we would like to draw your attention to the new three-section head section, which is easy to adjust and brings extra relaxation to your customers.


What about customer service?

For a product that you depend on daily, it’s certainly important to have the reassurance that service is available. For Slovenia, it’s provided by our team, and abroad by our exclusive partners. We also guarantee that spare parts are available for 10 years after the purchase.

Price is not everything

Do you find the prices of massage tables high? Quality comes with a price. Above all, remember that you’re not buying a massage table for a year or two. The long-term cost will certainly be higher if you buy too cheap today.

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