Medicine stools by the numbers

Discover all the dimensions of Novak M swivel stools so you can choose the right one for your job in the doctor’s office, massage studio or physiotherapy practice.

How do you like to use it?

If you usually sit during medical exams, massages or physiotherapy treatments, it’s important that you can move as close to the patient as possible. You can do that thanks to the star-shaped base, which has a diameter of 62 cm. For better mobility, it features castors with a diameter 75 mm. The castors can also be replaced with rubber feet.

If you like to put your legs up for rest, a stool with a round base is the right one. Its base diameter is 54 cm. If you want to be mobile, a stool features castors with 50 mm in diameter. If you don’t move from behind the desk on your stool, or if it bothers you that it moves with your slightest movement, choose rubber feet so that the stool stands firmly and calmly in place. Weighing only 13 kg, or 15 kg with the backrest, the stool is not heavy to lift at all.

Choose the height range to suit you

The stools are height adjustable so that everyone, whether tall or short, can adjust its height to the most suitable position. Stools with round base adjust between 46 and 58 cm as standard. Those users who are taller will be pleased with the option of the range between 53 and 73 cm. Stools with the star-shaped base have a slightly higher lowest seating point. The standard adjustment goes between 51 and 60 cm and the optional higher range is between 62 and 82 cm.


Comfortable and safe in the seat

The seat has a diameter of 36 cm and is comfortably padded. The padding is 8 cm thick and made of double-layer foam. It is covered with an easy-to-clean imitation leather. As with all our examination and therapy tables, it is available in more than 30 colors. The safe working load of the stool is 150 kg.

Do you need a backrest?

The stools are available with or without backrest. It is comfortably padded and measures 20 x 30 cm so you can lean back and relax. It is height adjustable within a range of 40 cm from the seat and is fixed with a simple screw mechanism.

Find your perfect comfort

Knowing the specific features will help you choose a stool that fits not only your size but also the needs of your professional work. Your stool should be your perfect companion, making sure you are always quickly in the right place and having the right posture during your tasks.

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