New hydraulic examination tables at ZZ Revita

The Revita Health Centre has been operating in the field of family medicine for 30 years and during all this time they have remained loyal users of our examination tables.

Revita Health Centre

The Revita Health Centre celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and was one of the first to be granted a private practice license for a family practice in 1991. Since 2000, they have been located in Ljubljana Bežigrad, where we visited them. This year, in addition to the family practice, an Occupational, traffic and sports medicine practice has also been opened. They also run a practice in the Home for the Elderly in Škofljica.

Examination tables in the Occupational, transport and sports medicine practice

Two examination tables with extended head section that allow a half-sitting position were chosen for the new practice. The hydraulic tables adjust by means of a pedal located on both sides of the table so it is easily accessible.

green examination table in doctor's office

The Revita’s Occupational practice strives to raise awareness of the use of exercise as a treatment, for chronic diseases as well. One of the rooms with Novak M’s examination table functions as a small gym. This is where athletes are examined and functional diagnostics is carried out. The other table stands in a pleasant green-hued room where they plan to hold physiotherapy sessions to round up their services.

Thank you for your trust

We would like to thank the ZZ Revita for their long-lasting cooperation and we are delighted that our examination tables complement the workspace that helps people regain their health. We wish Revita and especially the new Occupational, transport and sports medicine practice every success.

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