At the turn of the century | Novak M for 45 years

The family business turns a new page when a new generation joins the company.


To keep pace with market growth and advancements, changes are inevitable. The son, Miha Novak, who is still the Managing Director today, joins the company and he establishes the R&D department using CAD (computer-aided design) software for product development. »This was a big investment for our company, but we knew we had to do it, « remembers Polona Novak.

Production process

Significant improvements were implemented in the production process. The acquisition of the first CNC machine, supported by CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software, resulted in a remarkable increase in production capacity.

Progress and growth

The newly acquired technologies help shorten production time as well as allow the company to combine functionality and great design by producing new forms and shapes. Progress and growth lead also to a new brand identity Novak M d.o.o. and new premises with a spacious showroom. Novak M is now producing solely its own branded products focusing on medical equipment.

Introduction of table M

Novak M develops and presents table M, a new product with a different construction and design. It provides greater stability, increased range of height adjustment and, for the first time ever, electric height control. This means that the table offers better support for patients and eases the job of medical personnel.

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