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Thanks to our trustworthy partner Novak M equipment helps bringing treatment to a higher level in one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.

Amphia Hospital

With the construction of four new hospital buildings to complement the existing hospital, Amphia Hospital in Breda has become one of the biggest general hospitals in the Netherlands.  With 575 available beds and a highly specialized range of clinical services, the hospital strives to create an optimal environment for both patients and their staff.

For people and health

Amphia hospital wishes to provide best care, perfect service and attention to all their patients and their employees as well. In order to do that, they work with the most innovative techniques and medical devices and since they are a teaching hospital, they offer training opportunities for doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Novak M equipment in state-of-the-art hospital

Doctors and other medical personnel could not provide care at such a level if they were not provided with suitable equipment. Examination tables S complement examination rooms in different departments. Patients receiving chemotherapy and other IV therapies enjoy the comfort of Therapy chairs ZeroG. In emergency unit, patient transport trolleys Stretchers X are used ensuring safe, rapid and efficient patient treatments.

Novak M products


stretcher in emergency room

To bring treatment to a higher level

We are happy that our products were recognized as top quality medical equipment and now help doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel in providing care for their patients. We would like to thank our exclusive partner in the Netherlands for the great collaboration.

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