Novak M team in Bizeljsko

Last Friday, our entire Novak M team spent a great day in Bizeljsko. It’s been a while since we were able to get together so pleasantly and without social distance😉.

Novak M discovers Bizeljsko

Even though our country is not that big, we still find corners that we have not visited yet. This time, our journey took us to Bizeljsko, the south-eastern part of Slovenia between the Sava and Sotla rivers. Our first stop was at the Kržan pottery with a long tradition.  We could observe the potter neatly shaping a lump of clay into beautiful products.

Novak M team observing the potter

Some of us could try out the clay shaping and show our skills and creativity.

shaping a pot

It was not so easy as it looks.

shaping clay

Repnice (turnip pits) are a special feature of Bizeljsko – these are caves dug into the flint sand, where crops such as turnips and potatoes were once stored. Novak M team in Bizeljsko

Today, they are used to age the wines of Bizeljsko. We visited Repnica Najger and of course, we had the chance to taste some of their excellent wine that ripens there.

Novak M team at repnica Najger

wine bottles in repnica Najger

Novak M at the workshops

We all know how important it is to have a well-coordinated team. During three interesting workshops we practiced our communication and social skills and had some good laugh as well. We excelled in building a tower from wooden blocks. To lift them, we had to use a handle that we coordinated each holding a string.

Novak M team playing labyrinth

teambuilding exercise with weights

And back home again

We rounded our trip at the Kunst restaurant in Krško with an amazing culinary experience. We spent a great day together and returned home a bit tired but very satisfied.

Novak M team at teambuilding

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