A partnership that counts | Panon trade & Novak M

Our exclusive partner from the neighboring Croatia is Panon Trade from Zagreb. Our cooperation has a tradition of more than 15 years and we are delighted to see that it remains vibrant and alive.

Patient first

The company brings products of top quality and design to the Croatian market in cooperation with medical staff and users of health and social services. They offer a wide range of products from prenatal diagnostics to pathology.

Panon trade’s priority is patients and providing them with quality care. That is why they put excellence, quality and social sensitivity in their range of products first. This has led the company to a leading position in the region. They have their own companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives in Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

panon trade's team

Full support for healthcare institutions

Their rich experience they have accumulated over almost a quarter of a century of operation and the ever-growing range of medical equipment from various manufacturers have enabled them that they equip a wide variety of healthcare facilities today (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and more). The expertise and commitment of their team makes them a reliable partner for the institutions. Their customer service is certified and available 24 hours a day.

Novak M is a reliable manufacturer

Panon trade works with several partners and we are pleased that Novak M is one of them. “Novak M is a company we work with well. Quick and concrete answers to expert questions, high product quality and fast delivery of ordered products are the things that distinguish Novak M as a good business partner,” they say at Panon trade.

We would like to thank Panon Trade for the trust and we are looking forward to further cooperation, as we share the priority of providing medical staff with quality equipment that help them provide the highest level of care.

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