Massage and treatment table in Praxis TheMa

Practice TheMa is a house of therapy and massage, where several independent practitioners work together offering their physiotherapy and massage treatments helping patients to regain their health.

Therapists place trust in Novak M

Two of the practitioners from TheMa, Penzendorf, Austria, were excited on the arrival of Novak M’s massage and treatment table bought through our exclusive partner Meditec Medizintechnik GmbH.

Physical therapist and osteopath Veronika Geier and healing masseuse and dipl. mental trainer Heike Faist love their jobs and do it with great dedication. They are aware that people who come for help need to be treated holistically. The former focuses on spinal pain headaches, gynecology problems and osteopathy, while the latter focuses on medical, healing and other types of massage, manual lymph drainage, Dorn & Breus method.

Which model will fit best?

Both therapists are aware how important the choice of a treatment table is. It has to support your work 100 %. Therapists use their whole body and the table should allow adjustments to prevent strain on their body. In addition, it has to allow all patient positions for treatments. The last thing, but not less important is ensuring patients’ comfort.

Electric height adjustment was a priority for both practitioners allowing them quick and easy adjustment of height for each patient. Both tables feature three-part head section which brings additional relief to shoulder girdle and the entire spine. Due to the specifics and nature of the treatments, Mrs. Veronika chose two-section Massage table S2 and Mrs. Heike three-section Treatment table C3, which allows the Jackknife position.

We wish the tables will serve them well in their mission to help people acquire their health back.

Treatment table to fulfil your needs

If you are searching for a quality treatment table for your physiotherapy practice or massage studio, contact our sales team or visit our website, choose a model and make it fit your specific needs in our configurator. Send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you. Welcome either way.

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