Peti element trusts Novak M therapy tables

The excellent user experience is the reason why Peti element studio in Ljubljana remains loyal to Novak M therapy tables.

Calm rooms, lively action

The extremely pleasant design of the premises, the calmness and at the same time the liveliness of the studio indicates that Peti element is a hub where health and well-being are well taken care of. Under one roof, they combine physiotherapy, Pilates and Gyrotonic training.  In two physiotherapy rooms and five exercise rooms, they dedicate themselves daily to their clients and help them feel better through a holistic approach.

Expertise and holistic approach

Under the expert guidance of physiotherapist Špela Jakša, they focus extensively on pelvic floor muscles, chronic pain management, and they collaborate with various specialists, including jaw surgeons, in the rehabilitation process. They have brought the advanced American method they follow to Slovenia and educate physiotherapists about it.

A good user experience

For years, they have been using Novak M therapy tables in their physiotherapy work, which is why they chose our table once again, as Špela Jakša told us. They opted for a four-section therapy table with a three-part head section, providing complete support during treatments with its comfortable padding. She sees the table’s greatest advantage in its flexibility and easy adjustment. During treatments, she frequently resets the table to ensure the patient is in the correct position and that she can maintain a proper ergonomic posture. The two central parts of the table that bear the most the patient’s weight are electrically supported. This means that they relieve the therapist’s workload.


Support on the path to health

We express our gratitude to Peti element studio and especially to Špela Jakša for their time and invaluable feedback, which is a priceless source for improvements and development. We hope that they may help many more on their journey to health, also with the support of our therapy tables.

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