Stretcher X2 – with caregivers in mind

The reality of transporting patients within a hospital starts with narrow corridors, lifts, ramps and sometimes very long distances between triage and hospital wards. The key question is which features of the stretcher will make it faster and easier for the nurse to get a patient from A to B.

The lightness of the trolley

Patient transport is usually carried out by one person, be it a nurse or one of the nursing staff. A very important factor is how much the stretcher weighs, as it gets even heavier to push with the patient on it. That’s why the Stretcher X2 is 17 kg lighter than its predecessor. This represents 13% less pushing force each time the nurse moves the trolley.

In ergonomic position

It is not only the patients who benefit from height adjustment allowing them easy access. It is also very important for the ergonomic posture of the staff pushing the trolley or caring for the patient on it. With Stretcher X2, the height can be adjusted between 52 cm and 82 cm, a range that will meet the needs of staff of all sizes. The pedals for hydraulic height adjustment are located on both sides of the trolley.


Less time, less steps

Today we can no longer imagine having to lock each castor individually. Every modern stretcher is equipped by a central castoring system. This means that all four castors of the trolley can be operated by pushing a single pedal. The Stretcher X2 goes one step further by featuring controls on all four sides of the trolley.

What’s really in it for the nurse?

Having foot controls on all four sides means that the nurse doesn’t have to go to the head or foot end to lock the castors every time. It may not sound like much, but it saves her at least 8 steps each time. The steps add up quickly on a daily basis and every minute of their time is precious.

During driving

You can’t avoid turning corners and maneuvering when transporting a patient. If the stretcher is equipped with the fifth wheel, the nurse, especially if she is alone, will manage the turns easier. In physics terms the rotation lever is halved, which makes turning and cornering easier.

In support of treatment

Experience Stretcher X2 and feel how the focus of your work is really where it should be, with your patient. Your tasks will be carried out confidently and professionally without effort. Contact our sales team to find out more.

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