World Cancer Day – February 4th

4th February has been dedicated to world’s initiative to fight against cancer. Its purpose is clear to act together and prevent millions of deaths all around the world.

I am and I will

This year is the ultimate year of the 2019-2021 campaign under the slogan I am and I will. It wants to raise awareness that each and every one of us can make a move. Each individual can contribute to reducing the cancer risk factors. One third of cancer cases can be prevented.

What will you do?

That is the crucial question posing on Cancer day. Regardless of how big our actions are, together they will make positive changes. We can start with making our lifestyle a healthier one, showing support to a sick friend and by thinking about the risk factors we can influence.

Novak M – with a mission

At Novak M, we have been inspired for more than 40 years by the fact that medical personnel can treat patients easier and more effectively also due to the medical devices from our production. The close contact to the end-users was the key factor when designing the therapy chair. With its exceptional comfort and functionalities, the chair helps pass the time during lengthy IV treatments, also to oncology patients.

Start today

Take care of your health with physical activity and healthy habits. Build good relationships in the environments where you live and work. Stand by each other!

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