Ambulanta Zdravje: Listening to the needs of patients and staff

When selecting examination tables for new medical offices, Ambulanta Zdravje was careful to listen to the needs arising during the treatments.

3 areas of specialized treatments

Ambulanta Zdravje, with clinics in Ljubljana and Koper, encompasses 3 areas of specialized treatment: dermatovenereology, orthopedics, and surgery. In addition to examination rooms, the clinic also provides its own X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics, as well as an operating room where minor surgical procedures such as laser varicose vein surgery and skin tag removal are carried out.

Trust in tested quality

As business director Mrs. Katerina Rihter mentioned in conversation, they have been using Novak M tables from the very beginning, both for examinations and for ambulatory procedures in the operating room. “In addition to the quality and price of the products, which convinced us, it is important to us that the company also provides service,” she added. Last year’s expansion of the premises at the clinic in Ljubljana prompted the purchase of two new tables. During the selection process, they responded to the needs of patients and the types of examinations conducted in the office.

Comfort and safety come first

With patients and their well-being in mind, they chose both tables with a width of 75 cm so that patients feel not only comfortable but also safe lying on the tabletop. Often, patients need to turn during an examination. This is easier on a wider top, especially if a person is not of slim physique. For the ultrasound office, they chose an electric massage table with thicker and softer padding to provide patients with maximum comfort during examinations. In the orthopedic office, there is an electric examination table SL.


An environment that inspires confidence

In addition to quality equipment, the well-organized premises and calm atmosphere attest to the high level of professionalism in the Ambulanta Zdravje. Thank you to Mrs. Katerina Rihter for her hospitality, and we wish all the staff at the Ambulanta Zdravje continued success.

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