Bobath tables by the numbers

Bobath tables are designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for achieving rehabilitation goals. Find out their measurable features to choose a table tailored to the needs of your practice.

Safe and comfortable platform

Bobath tables are designed with a wide surface to offer ample space. To support the rehabilitation treatments, they are available in two widths: 100 cm and 120 cm. Sometimes it is needed that a therapist climbs on the table with the patient. The table needs to withstand a higher weight and pressure. The safe working load of the Bobath tables is therefore 250 kg.

Ensure easy access

Patients that need rehabilitation treatments are most likely after stroke or some celebral disfunction which means their mobility is limited. It is crucial that Bobath table ensures easy and safe access. Electric height adjustment between 49 and 96 cm allows that patients can easily settle or are easily transferred on the table. At the same time, the table-top height is easily adjusted to support the therapist as well and allows for ergonomic working conditions.


Versatile treatments

When considering a Bobath table, it is crucial to evaluate your specific rehabilitation needs. Both, one-section and two-section Bobath tables, are available. The two-section table allows you more positioning diversity since the head section is 90 cm long and can be adjusted between –10° and +65°. Both models feature an 8 cm thick padding and a breathing hole to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible.

Numbers can’t deceive

Trust the numbers and ensure a stable, secure and reliable platform for neurological rehabilitation treatments in your practice. If you need more information, contact our sales team who will gladly help you.

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