Examination tables in the Clinical Skills Training Center

The hydraulic examination tables in the classroom of the Clinical Skills Training Centre at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana are set for the student training.

Full support for the learning process

On examination tables, medical students and future doctors learn how to work with patients before they step into the real outpatient clinics and patient rooms. The classroom is a safe space where students learn on models and each other the basics of communicating with patients, basic examinations, how to take blood, measure blood pressure and how to perform more complex examinations using equipment such as abdominal or cardiac ultrasound.

Hydraulic tables

The examination tables in the classroom are hydraulic, which is easier as there are many tables and a lot of people stand around them at the same time. No one has to worry about or keep an eye on the power cord. The height of the table top adjusts by means of a foot pedal located on either side of the table. The selected SL model has a longer head section that allows a semi-sitting position. The table’s width is 75 cm. It provides a large lying surface so that patients can easily roll over to their side or to prone position.


Good luck on your journey

Following the example of modern university hospitals, the Centre for Clinical Skills Training has acquired its first premises with this classroom. It is currently located on a temporary location at the Dr Peter Deržaj Hospital. We would like to thank the Centre for trusting our products, especially the Head of the Centre, Doc. Dr. Jana Brguljan Hitij, dr. med. We wish the students and their professors every success in the learning process.

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