How to make the work of nurses easier: Therapy chair ZeroG

Taking the Therapy chair ZeroG for an example, we would like to show you how the choice of equipment can help relieve nurses during their daily tasks and help them be more efficient and take better care of their own health.

Caring for your health

The Therapy Chair Zerog Luxury is electrically adjustable in height between 61 and 86 cm. Before the nurse administers IV treatment to the patient, she can adjust the height of the chair and armrests and attends to the patient without unnecessary bending. Attending to the patient in the most ergonomic position prevents potential injury risks caused by forced or incorrect postures.

On castors

The therapy chair features castors and a push handle as standard, allowing nurses to move the chair easily or even to take it down the corridor. Larger castors are also available if the chair is often moved from one room to another.


Patient independence

Chemotherapy, dialysis, pain-management and similar therapies always take several hours. A nurse can’t be present by each patient the whole time. Therefore, the chair is designed to maximize the patient’s independence. The hand switch is easy to use with clear commands that are graphically displayed. It allows the patient to independently adjust individual chair sections in the most comfortable position. The switch also features special buttons for the sitting, ZeroG and extended positions. The patient doesn’t need to call the nurse for every movement, which means she can meanwhile concentrate on other tasks.

footrest on therapy chair

Safety is taken care of

The last feature we would like to highlight is the safety that the chair provides for nurses during patient care. In case of a life-threatening situation, there is a red button on the hand switch for the Trendelenburg position and a button for the CPR position. Pressing a single button means that the chair automatically adjusts in the given position, and this allows medical staff to react quickly.

Equipment that brings treatment to a higher level

Quality medical equipment is designed to support medical staff during patient care. The workflow should be smoother, faster and easier because of it. We invite you to browse through our range of therapy chairs and other medical equipment that can bring treatment to a higher level in your clinic or hospital ward as well.

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