Innovative 3-part head section

»I often treat myself with a relaxing massage, but this time I was lying on a massage table with a three-part head section. Unbelievable! When I put hands down on the armrests, I could feel how my muscles in the shoulders and back were relaxing, « said Tina who experienced it for the first time.

Innovation – way to better solutions

Innovation and experience lead us to ever new solutions which improves the working conditions of medical personnel. The design and functionalities of the synchronously adjustable 3-part head section is certainly one of these innovative solutions. It is an accessory that every model among therapy and massage tables from the Red Dot awarded line S can feature.

Make your clients more comfortable

When your clients lie in prone position, the 3-part head section allows that their shoulders, neck and entire spine are completely relaxed. Their arms comfortably rest on the lowered armrests, whose height can be adjusted for each individual client.

Main advantages for the practitioner

The S line therapy and massage tables’ 3-part head section (except S-Basic models) is designed completely anew. “We were searching for a solution that would make adjusting easier, as setting each armrest separately and screwing were too time-consuming,” our R&D engineers were thinking.

Fast and easy

The armrests’ adjustment mechanism is integrated in the head section’s frame. Both armrests adjust at the same time. Using one hand to push the lever and pushing the armrest up or down with the other is all you have to do. Really fast and easy!

Free access

The frame integrated mechanism brings another advantage. When you perform treatments seated at the head section, there is no screw mechanism below. You can access the patient freely.

Make a luxurious decision

Let the therapy or massage table bring luxurious comfort to your practice for you as well as for your clients. Add the 3-part head section and any of the available accessories to the model so it fits your demands and needs. If you have questions, our team will gladly provide whatever you need.

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