In the embrace of intimacy and safety at Gynecology Meglič

With its comfort, design, and functionality, Novak M equipment contributes to creating a pleasant environment full of safety and intimacy in the top-notch gynecology clinic in Ljubljana.

Thoughtfully designed premises

Gynecology Meglič has been operating in their new premises on Dunajska Street for almost a year. With modern room designs and selected aesthetics, they have created an intimate, pleasant, and relaxed ambience. This is also a way of showing their patients that they can feel completely safe and that they can trust their treatment to be completely individual and discreet.

Best specialist care

They provide their patients with excellent diagnostics and treatments in all areas of gynecology and obstetrics. They follow expectant mothers, conduct gynecological examinations, perform minor surgical and laser procedures, and conduct laboratory tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

Novak M equipment in the diagnostic office

The convergence point of three specialized gynecology offices is the diagnostic office. In addition to laboratory diagnostics, they focus on expectant mothers. “This is the place where a pregnant woman can speak about her fears and things she wouldn’t dare to share elsewhere,” said Marija Mezeg, a medical nurse-midwife. The cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of the office is complemented by the design and sunny yellow upholstery of the examination table SL and blood sample chair.

The comfort of Examination table SL

The two-section electric examination table is frequently used for CTG examinations in the final weeks of pregnancy. Since the belly of pregnant women is already quite sizable at that time, it is extremely helpful that the table can be lowered to 45 cm to make it easier to lie down. The foot secion of the table is protected with a PVC cover, so patients do not need to take off their shoes for the examination. Vaccinations are also administered on the table.

Perfect support for blood sampling process

The blood sample chair is used for all blood diagnostics, including blood sampling for prenatal and hormonal tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases. “The chair greatly facilitates the blood sampling process, as I can properly position the patient’s arm,” praised the medical nurse for the chair’s ergonomics.

Top-Quality Care

Expertise, empathy, and kindness are the guiding principles of Gynecology Meglič, and one could truly feel it right from the very visit. We are delighted that our equipment supports them in their daily efforts to provide top care to their patients.

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