New massage table in Novak Physiotherapy

“With the new massage table, the difference in manufacturing technology and materials is obvious. I put a lot of emphasis on quality, so this is not the first Novak M massage table I have worked on,” Mrs. Simona told us on our visit to Novak Physiotherapy.

Novak Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy practice has been operating in the premises of the St Raphael’s Institute in Vransko for more than 10 years. Mrs. Simona Novak has acquired extensive experience working in the field of medical rehabilitation in health spas and she is constantly upgrading her knowledge. She focuses on individual treatment of elderly people after stroke, trauma and cardiology patients, and she is also very fond of treating pregnant women, mothers and babies with Bowen therapy.

For a better quality of care

As a physiotherapist who is completely committed to her profession, as shown by the big smile on her face, she wants the equipment to be of high quality. The Massage table S2, with its easy adjustments and comfort, allows her to use her expertise to full potential and to carry out treatments more efficiently. This brings her joy and extra enthusiasm.


The massage table adds to relaxation and comfort

The two-part electric massage table Mrs. Simona chose features soft-foam upholstery, a 75 cm wide lying surface and an additional three-part head section for more relaxation of patient’s arms and entire back. She believes that the patient’s feeling of comfort, safety and relaxation is one of the key factors for successful treatment. During treatments, she also uses a roll to support her patients’ legs and a face cushion to place under the patient’s face when in prone position. She finds the latter indispensable, as it relieves uncomfortable pressure on the face when she is performing cervical spine therapies.

Thank you for your trust

We would like to thank the physiotherapist Simona Novak for taking the time to welcome us at her premises. We wish her many successful treatments!

If you too are looking for a table that will fully support your work, contact our team. We will be happy to help you choose the right model.

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