Massage tables S2 basic to support rehabilitation and treatment

Amidst the beautiful environment and the benefits of the natural healing resources, visitors of the Daruvar Spa can experience the exceptional comfort of Novak M massage tables.

Daruvar Spa

Daruvar Spa is located in the heart of Daruvar, one of the most beautiful small towns in continental Croatia. Today, this is a modern health-protecting center, and its healing thermal water and mineral mud have been used since ancient times. They specialize in treatment of rheumatic diseases, medical rehabilitation, recreation and health tourism, including programs for the treatment of the locomotor system, especially after sports injuries, and infertility as well as wellness/spa, sports and recreation programs.

For treatments at the highest level

High-quality equipment is of paramount importance in ensuring quality treatment for both the patient and the practitioner. Electric massage tables S2 basic, they selected from our product range, meet the needs of numerous rehabilitation programs and will help take treatments to a higher level with their ease of use and functionality. At the same time, with their timeless design, they fit perfectly into the ambience of expertise and professionalism created by their personnel. Thanks to our partner Panon Trade in Croatia!

Key benefits of massage tables S2 basic

The height of the lying surface is adjusted by means of a round foot switch to facilitate patient access and at the same time to ensure the treatment is at the right height for the therapist. With a width of 75 cm, the tables provide a large enough lying surface even for taller or obese patients. To maximize patient comfort, the tables feature the soft-foam upholstery, which you can read more about in one of our previous posts, and a comfortable breathing hole.


A spa or wellness with new equipment?

Modernizing your rehabilitation facilities, expanding your wellness programs? Do you need quality tables that are functional, extremely comfortable for your clients and support the professionalism of your staff with their appearance? Take a look at our range of therapy and massage tables and use our online configurator to equip your tables exactly as you want them.

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